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Adored Light – 2018

Each year we create, illustrate and write a custom holiday card to give thanks to all who support us past, present and future.   We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve and hope you enjoy our festive and creative annual Holiday Lights!

Every precious child is cherished as the future of our human race, a potential portfolio of family who love and support each other.  Held up are the memories of lifelong deeds and the fulfillment of endless needs.  Diapered, clothed, fed, then counseled, taught, led to mature, touch and inspire many.

Parental love will lift the infant for the very first time, anticipating many firsts and many shared days .  First smiles, first steps, first words, as the beautiful work progresses.  Growing wise with guidance and freedom to pursue delightful dreams, the years pass quickly.   Sometimes failing or falling short, they arise again with wings to pursue their highest hopes.

The day does come to wipe away tears and calm the fears.  The difficult part is in the transition from caregiver to observer, but we did know that this would come as well it should.  It was, after all, the original design intent and plan for independence.  The child turned adult goes out to choose their own path and make their mark upon the world.  Through steadfast faith the elegant circle of life continues.

This season we graphically present the simple figure ground expression of a most Adored relationship in golden points of Light.  We wish you the best as we end the year, honoring each creation as a supreme gift from our Creator and recalling the Greatest Gift of all.

From the Spirit,

WhiteLight Design – Willis & Debbie

QUOTE: Born to love – the parent grows with it! Born to be loved – the child never outgrows it!

Illustration: Willis Whiteside    Author: Debbie Whiteside


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