To Whom It May Concern, When I first stumbled upon WhiteLight Design I was disillusioned as a private inventor. Before I met Willis Whiteside and his team I was ready to throw in the towel and concede to the fact that in order to be a true innovator one must either be part of a large corporation or independently wealthy. WD not only agreed to take on my product, but willingly stepped into the the all important role of mentor with focused direction. The process of R&D is like blazing a new trail without a compass. WD is that compass. You have to be able to open your mind to new directions and unforeseeable hurdles. No one understands this journey better than Willis and his team. They can literally take a fledgling idea and breath life into it until it becomes a reality. The quality of work is top notch from conception through working prototype and beyond. Willis and his team always treat their clients with dignity and respect. They achieve the highest level of design, engineering, and consultation while maximizing efficiency in order to keep cost down. The American dream needs companies like WD to nurture true innovation and foster an environment of support and encouragement. Needless to say I would absolutely recommend WD to my friends and whomever is in need of taking their dream to the next level and making it a reality. Sincere thanks to Willis and his team for inspiring us all and truly being the “White Light” at the end of what can be an awfully dark tunnel.