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Industrial Design Projects

The success of our industrial design projects is solely dependent on the prosperous results of our clients. We have experience with many different sectors of markets and industries, which showcases our commitment and the quality we put into product development projects. Industrial design projects are about branding and product design, powered with supporting graphic design, packaging, sign systems and more! Just one friendly call and we will begin planning and executing your unique project and receive unparalleled creativity and quality from our Lawrenceville Georgia - Atlanta team.

Several product development projects we have collaborated on have been recognized and awarded in national product design competitions, reaffirming our commitment to helping our clients succeed.

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Siltsaver color-coded plastic molded utility markers

Color Coded Utility Markers

Millions of concrete utility markers are placed by requirements of City…

industrial design prototype model 3d-holospherix camera product design

3D Holospherix Camera

Working with Vistascape’s Chief Founder and Scientist, WhiteLight Design…

Milliken Carpet Swatch Tray sales display system

Carpet Color Swatch System

WhiteLight Design was asked to support the development of a new, carpet swatch tray display solution.

Ready to Assemble Furniture personal sanctuary desk and kneeling bench

Personal Sanctuary Desk

The Personal Home Sanctuary design was inspired by Ms. Charlotte Shaw…

Freidrich ionizing room air purifier product design

Ionizing Room Air Purifier

This project work is a pure example of high-performance industrial design for a new electrostatic…

product development ramp-lock-router

Ramp Lock Router

Working with the client’s engineering team this was a complete development project.

LXE rf inventory terminals product design

RF Inventory Terminals

The project included the development of a handheld RF terminal combined…

CC multi-flavor valve dispenser prototype model dynamic wave

Multi-flavor Valve Dispenser

WhiteLight Design was selected to work with Coca-Cola’s engineering and marketing groups…

AcCueShot™ Billiard Training on pool table

AcCueShot™ Billiard Training

Introducing the AcCueShot™ Billiard Training Device

little fretty red guitar warm up device in hands

Little Fretty Guitar Warm Up

A new guitar player’s portable, lightweight 5 fret-board, warm-up exerciser.

ergotar guitar bass models x5

Ergotar® – Electric Guitars

Make the best sounding, most comfortable instrument to play possible, an “Ergonomic” Guitar and Bass…

Sanis scent freshener dispenser product line

Scent Freshener Dispenser

PROJECT: Sanis® Family of Restroom & Hygiene Service Products

sleep apnea cpap home medical product design

Sleep Apnea CPAP Device

PROJECT: CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) Sleep Respirator Device / Tranquility® Quest

xtrablue(TM)-shock custom bottle design with waves

XtraBlue® Shock Bottle

WhiteLight Design worked with the BioLab™ innovation team for the development of a new package.

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