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By: Willis Whiteside, M.S., IDSA

After years of organizing, planning, executing and delivering Industrial Design and hundreds of prototypes, we have found to be the most efficient you must keep your work space free of clutter and visually organized. The exterior environment or space you work in is a direct reflection of your internal work space. You will notice the most successful owners and manager keep a tight ship! The tightness is knowing every corner has been wiped clean of unwanted visual matter. This practice creates the space to move and freely let your mind wonder and concentrate on the task at hand. The most productive people are able to prioritize and focus and accomplish one task at time. They also are good at getting the most of their team to achieve the larger business goals. The best managers are usually the most liked and appreciated.

Designing your Space and keep a clean screen.

#1 Create a clean and efficient environment in which to operate.
#2 Focus on prioritizing the goals and tasks. The smaller and more focused the task, the easier it is to accomplish.
#3 Choose your Thoughts and visual screen carefully. Creation and clutter creep happens rather we want it or not.
#4 Keep your goals listed and posted next to the clean sheet of paper or the empowerment screens.



Physical space + Mental Discipline = Freedom to create and results for success.
Prayer, meditation, visualization, planning skills are very important. Shine a light on and write down the most important steps.
The KEY is to keep the list or empowerment screen always displayed in the planning and progress and payment departments.
What empowers me? What holds me back? Desire is everything…….Never give Up. There is no shame in changing direction and moving on.

Do or do not and be happy you are even in the game!

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