The Enlightener

The EnLightener is our blog dedicated to those dreamers and doers out there. WhiteLight Design is an industrial design, engineering and new product development firm including invention, patent, 3D CAD drawings, models, prototypes, packaging, tooling and manufacturing support services, located in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

Power of Pets_170101

By: Willis Whiteside, M.S., IDSA

Many of my Designer friends are pet people and growing up on a small farm animal care and pets has been one of my passions.  We are surrounded by the animal kingdom as some remain attracted for a lifetime while others tend to look in the other direction or even dislike the creatures.  For many […]

Designer’s Know_160601

By: Willis Whiteside, M.S., IDSA

The experience of working in the field of invention, new product innovation and machine development has given us insight into the new possibilities and changes coming from the sky.  For Inventors it is blue skies and the playing field is equal.  To start, look out into the air and look up. You know that billions […]

Designer Steel_160101

By: Willis Whiteside, M.S., IDSA

Industrial Designers and Engineers are continually developing new composite metal alloy materials and better approaches to mechanical product design. When choosing a material, the considerations are typically light weight, high strength with flexibility or toughness balanced with chemical and mechanical and thermal stability and low cost to manufacture.  The weight and cost factors may be out […]

Clean your screen_150601

By: Willis Whiteside, M.S., IDSA

After years of organizing, planning, executing and delivering Industrial Design and hundreds of prototypes, we have found to be the most efficient you must keep your work space free of clutter and visually organized. The exterior environment or space you work in is a direct reflection of your internal work space. You will notice the […]

Thought = Power_150101

By: Willis Whiteside, M.S., IDSA

Let’s recap a 2004 EnLightener “Thought is your real power. To develop your simple plan, we will keep it all extending from the palm of your hand. Building upon, monitoring, and maintaining positive thought is your real power. Practicing it every day is your horsepower. Norman Vincent Peale, a pioneer of understanding the connection of […]

10 to get Motivated_140601

By: Willis Whiteside, M.S., IDSA

10 to get Motivated 1. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Thomas A. Edison 2. What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. Henry David Thoreau 3. Step by […]

Thought is your Power_140101

By: Willis Whiteside, M.S., IDSA

Are you a business minded inventor or entrepreneur whose team is in a slump or a leader who sees the grand stands full. The subtle difference is you must focus your thoughts on two levels. One is the physical world, where action and results are the only indicators of success. The second and most important […]

Living Prototypes_130601

By: Willis Whiteside, M.S., IDSA

Woolly mammoth prototypes! Materials and Polymer Engineers are working with Scientists, Doctors and Surgeons who are saving, extending and improving lives using three dimensional (3D) printing and or rapid prototype(RP) machines for tissue generation. There are medical efforts for regenerating transplant organs and tissues such as a whole heart or lung using layers of living […]

Design into the Future_130101

By: Willis Whiteside, M.S., IDSA

Issue 130101 1st /2nd  Quarter 2013 Design into the Future From an Industrial Design perspective, we monitor the markets for new product development, trends and technologies. Our goal is to help you design into the future.  Even in the bad economy, some 38,000+ new products were released in 2012, slightly down from 2011.  However, most established […]

Designing On Purpose_120601

By: Willis Whiteside, M.S., IDSA

Issue 120601 3rd / 4th  Quarter 2012 Designing On Purpose When following the latest trends and successful companies we often look to the icons. The Coca-Cola(TM) Company like most, was flat through the onset of the latest economic times. But the company has recently been bubbling, having firmly embraced the power of focused Industrial Design […]

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