Strategic Milestones / Phases

1    Phases 1 – 2 – 3   Conceptual Development & Feasibility Analysis*

2    Phases 4 – 5 – 6  Design & Engineering / 3D Development

3    Phases 7 – 8 – 9  Pre-Production Dev. & 3D CAD -Prototype


Strategic Development Process

MILESTONE 1    Phases 1 – 2 – 3

PHASE 1.0 RESEARCH & ANALYSIS – Design Protocol

1.1 Specify total product system (product line), design problem
1.2 Review – Engineering Analysis (Design Specifications)
1.3 Review – Market Analysis (Marketing Objectives/User Centered Design) (Conduct limited field/user/buyer/point of sale observation, get user feedback)
1.4 Conduct patent review/analysis (limited search or full search) – by WD or Client
1.5 Regulatory and industry standards review (International – if required)
1.6 Identify each customer between design and the end user and identify their requirements (requirements of corporate design, branding image and the end user)
1.7 Written definition of the product design and development criteria and protocol
1.0 DELIVERABLES: A written review/summary of the research and analysis work. Use this data to define areas of concentration and design protocol. Team to select the primary marketing and functional design “concept” direction (design, engineering & marketing)


2.1 Recognition of product requirements (review written development criteria)
2.2 Define primary “design” concept (material/process & production design technology opportunities)
2.3 Schematic/functional design (Scale layouts/functional modeling/testing)
2.4 Research potential suppliers, materials, production techniques
2.5 Generate preliminary concepts – b/w layouts/sketches/drawings
2.0 DELIVERABLES: Review and Approve Primary “concept” sketches/ layouts & mock-ups. Initial Part/Material /Process Review


3.1 Generate production design concepts (Hand drawn or CAD modeling of cosmetics and basic construction including exterior housing)
3.2 Choose promising materials/processes – hardware/software systems
3.3 Obtain samples/hardware systems – preliminary part/process/manufacturer quotations
3.4 Generate comprehensive product system concept
3.5 Determine the production feasibility/cost analysis
3.0 DELIVERABLES: Primary system/part component layouts, materials & process selections. Establish business feasibility (estimated tooling, piece price & materials costs), 8-1/2 x 11 document. * Limited or Full Feasibility Study?

MILESTONE 2    Phases 4 – 5 – 6


4.1 Critical analysis of all pertinent data/design concepts
4.2 Evaluate user interface & environmental concerns
4.3 Generate most promising concepts
4.4 Evaluate production concern with engineering
4.0 DELIVERABLES: Primary “concept” color renderings (2 -5) & scale layouts (2D Development)


5.1 Generate base shell and internal components 3D/ CAD geometry development – establish base volume form/styling envelope – review with engineering/manufacturing (no drafts or internal details)
5.2 Thorough analysis of all aspects of selected design and production issues
5.3 Cost analysis of final production design approach
5.4 Appearance and/or Functional (SLA) model of final design
5.5 Contact production support/suppliers for technical feedback
5.6 Review final design with users to gain user focus feedback
5.7 Proof of soundness of all physical aspects of manufacturing , production design
5.0 DELIVERABLES: Design Control Drawings/Modeling Package / User Interface and Production Design Intent, Color Renderings/Dimensioned Drawings/Material & Color samples

PHASE 6.0 3D CAD CAE CAM DEVELOPMENT- Virtual Model & Functional Test Models

6.1 All components of system are specified
6.2 Establish final materials/production processes
6.3 Complete base ProE virtual model 3D – package (with draft and rounds)
6.3 Build prototype model (SLA) of final design
6.5 Project team evaluates total product design
6.6 Complete production design revisions/ modeling form adjustment
6.0 DELIVERABLES: Complete ProE virtual model/2D documentation

MILESTONE 3 Phases 7 – 8 – 9

PHASE 7.0 PROTOTYPE (from ProE/CAD model files)

7.1 Final prototype design – ProE Modeling files & drawings to model makers, machine and rapid prototype associates.
7.2 Pre-Production design overview
7.3 Final costing of system components
7.0 DELIVERABLES: Complete Prototype model.


8.1 Assemble final drawings/manufacturer bid package
8.2 Review and select desired contract manufacturers
8.3 Update design to meet manufacturer tooling and production requirements
(requested tooling/design changes as necessary)
8.4 Rapid Prototyping – Pre-Production Model Confirms final design – Focus Review (Soft tooling)
8.5 Assemble Final Product Design Tooling and Manufacturer final drawing package/files
8.0 DELIVERABLES: Preproduction Design /ProE model. & Bid Results


9.1 Release/Award final drawings manufacturer package
9.2 Tooling procurement
9.3 Tooling /testing runs – pilot parts
9.4 Assemble production assembly line
9.5 Initial production part product performance review
9.0 DELIVERABLES: Preproduction Prototype – base manufacturing assembly line


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