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The ASK WhiteLight Design – Prototyping Shop is a little skunk-works facility where our Associate Mr. Scott Stewert, engineers and team apply their creative skills to often deliver prototypes in days rather than months  thereby saving you time and money in this very competitive world economy.  With our combined background across industries we have built our complement of tools, standard and custom equipment, and developed a small manufacturing cell approach.  The ASK prototype shop includes traditional modelmaking, wood and metal working tools including some state of the art CAD-CAM equipment, all used and proven. The real heart of the business are the Technicians, Craftsmen Model makers and Rapid Prototypers that have over 15 years of experience as a team.  You can not purchase these skills, access to equipment, materials knowledge and synergy… just anywhere!









Rapid Prototyping (SLA – SLS)

Full Size Mock-up Models
Proof of Concept – Functional Models
Marketing / Appearance / Display Models
Rapid Metal – CNC Machined
Rapid Molding & RTV Cast Urethance


1 Okuma Howa 511 CNC Vertical Milling Machine with 25 Stations Tool Changer (30 Horsepower, 10,000 RPM. X 40 inches, Y 20 inches, Z 20 inches.
Fully Tooled (Full 4 Axis’s capability)
2 – Bridgeport Series Milling Machine – Proto Trak+ Electronic Control
2 – Bridgeport Series Milling Machines D.R.O. Equipped
5 – Lathes –
17” x 40” With Travadial
17” x 60” with Travadial
12” x 24”
8” x 24” Turret Lathe
Hardinge Chucker
Die Filler
Grob 18” Band Saw
Harig – 6 x 12 Surface Grinder
24 x 36 Bead Blaster
Pedestal Grinders
Marithon Cold Cut Off Saw 4”
Kalamazoo Horizontal Saw 12” x 18”
250 Amp Heliarc Welder (Miller)
350 Amp Syncroway Welder (Miller)
Lincoln Pro-Cut 60 Plasma Cutter
Corner Notcher 16 Gauge
Nibbler 16 Gauge
12” Diacro 16 Gauge Modeling Shear
Air Former
Niagra Beading Machine
Pexto Beading Machine
36” Diacro Roller (2” Rolls) & 49” Roller (3” Dia. Rolls)
52” Wysong Shear 16 Gauge (Hydraulic)
48” Finger Brake 16 Gauge Capacity
48” Finger Brake 10 Gauge Capacity
36” Magna Bend
18” x 24” Granite Surface Plate and Granite “V” Block
Shrinker 17 Gauge/Stretcher 16 Gauge
Powermatic 14” 2 Speed Band Saw
6 Drill Presses
High Speed Small Hole Drill Press
Weiderman Turret Punch (Manual)

For a complete review of our capabilities or a personal shop tour relate to your project, please call us and ASK WHITELIGHT at (770) 277-7097 for an initial consultation.

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