Rapid Prototyping (SLA – SLS)

Rapid prototyping or 3D Printing model making services offers speed to market.  Working with our dedicated team, using rapid prototyping, stereolithography (SLA) and stereolaser sinthering (SLS) and Fusion Deposit Molding (FDM) or Polyjet we often deliver prototypes of complete products or product parts in 5-15 days, thereby saving you time and money in this very competitive world economy.

Prototyping Technologies

Base Materials

photopolymer – opaque or translucent colors

SLS Selective Laser

Thermoplastics, metals powders

FDM Fused Deposition
Modeling (PolyJet)

Thermoplastics, low melt point metals in colors

FDM Fused DepositionModeling (PolyJet) Simulated thermoplastics in custom colors

We had completed and delivered hundreds of working protoypes over the last 20 years.  Areas include personal and hygeine, medical devices, industrial and commercial applications. Our team experience, technical skills, access to equipment, materials knowledge and synergy aide you with producing a tangible preview of your product.  We work from a full Skunk-Works type prototype shop and on time delivery is common practice.

We will need to review your design – drawings, prototype or CAD information to provide a quotation.

For questions or to schedule an initial consultation or request a Model Making or Prototype quotation please call us at (770) 277-7097.  General Questions:  Willis Whiteside willis@whitelightdesign.com


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