Rapid Molding & RTV

Rapid Molding uses the CAD program’s export files to move directly to prototype soft or aluminum or brass hard tooling. WhiteLight Design, delivers direct access to rapid injection molding services. We currently employ numerous injection molding presses ranging in size from 40 tons to 500 tons with all the necessary auxiliary equipment to process the full range of engineering resins. The current plant molding locations are within 25 miles of our main office location.

RTV Molding
or Cast Modeling is a low volume prototyping technique that can produce parts from soft to hard using Polyurethane mold materials to cast Polyurethane and Silicone plastics. These parts can appear just like injection molded plastic parts with similar surface finish, color, properties. RTV models are recommended when a Client needs more than between ten and one hundred units. This process consists of creating a “master” model from which a two piece clam-shell mold is created with a rubber like material. The molds are then used to gravity or vacuum feed to cast multiple parts of a desired product component. After molding, final clean-up and finishing is necessary. WhiteLight Design’s model-makers have been using Rapid Molding and RTV Molding for years, and we are happy to lend our experience to your project. Please contact out team with any questions or inquiries.

For questions or to schedule an initial consultation or request a Model Making or Prototype quotation please call us at (770) 277-7097.


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