Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept models are usually crude in appearance, but show how a physical or electrical feature works. Purely functional, non appearance model-making can be an effective way to prove out a mechanical concept without investing in expensive components or extensive rapid prototyping.  The intent is support evaluating the over-all engineering function and performance. While these models are not something that you would show an investor, they help you and the development team understand exactly how your product will function in reality. The object of modeling is to know everything about your product before it gets manufactured, and Proof of Concept models are a quick and cheap way to do it.







For questions or to schedule an initial consultation or request a Model Making or Prototype quotation please call us at (770) 277-7097.  We will need to review your design – drawings, prototype or CAD information to provide a quotation.  General Questions:  Willis Whiteside


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