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WhiteLight Design offers complete, high-quality marketing/ appearance models. These models are not quite working prototypes, but they look exactly as a finished product would, and can be made long before manufacturing of the actual products begin. Marketing/ appearance models are used by sales and marketing management to visualize and evaluate a product’s or machine’s final manufactured appearance or styling. The intent is support comprehensively evaluating the final design in ways that a team never could with just a bunch of images. Due to costs of tooling, and manufacturing prototyping costs, a Client may request an appearance model to get final approvals from the management team prior to proceeding to tooling or get initial market reaction and focus analysis data.  Our team is very familiar with providing high-resolution marketing/ appearance models, and we invite you to contact us with any questions or inquiries.













We will need to review your design – drawings, prototype or CAD information to provide a quotation.

For questions or to schedule an initial consultation or request a Model Making or Prototype quotation please call us at (770) 277-7097.  Email General Questions:


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