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WhiteLight Design is a full service professional industrial design, engineering and prototype development consulting firm specializing in developing invention ideas and design and utility patents for the inventors.

We can walk you through the many steps, phases, milestones and business decisions which a development manager must consider in formulating a patent portfolio and planned services with defined budgets.  If you need Patent Drawings or a Design, Engineering or Patent Assessment review, save time and call us right now (770)277-7097.

We start with full confidentiality and protecting your information. We have built alliances with several legal groups who offer our Clients reduced legal rates for supplying search, patent, trademark and copyright protection services. These registered attorneys with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Washington D.C., ( will assist you in maximizing your protection rights and the legal protection process including defining and documenting the intellectual property, assisting in preliminary, detailed and world-wide searches, applying for patents, trademarks and copyright applications.

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