New Product Development

New product development and industrial design is the core of our business. From Concept to Digital Art to final Manufactured Part, our Industrial Designers and Product Design Engineers have mastered the entire process. Offering full Master’s level ID working with your sketches, working prototype or patent.

The real value of our service is working closely with you and the ability to make intelligent, informed decisions, based on experience to develop and market the best solution.  The most powerful tool we use is the Engineering – Design Feasibility Study where we explore design, materials, part geometry and assembly and manufacturing process configurations to determine the best approach to developing your product.

We pull from the most recent technical society publications and conferences reports and webinars, applying these new practices, material and process when appropriate or the opportunity presents itself. Product development comes with many risks but practical knowledge and applied experience will avoid many of the large pitfalls. This new product development and strategic design process is where WhiteLight Design can be key to saving monies.  More importantly we approach product development from a profitability perspective.

Working with you, the WhiteLight Design team has the ability to examine the full spectrum while zeroing in on the most appropriate solution given the defined target market.  Locating those product features or differentiators that improve quality and overall product design performance to increase your bottom line.  We have a speed to market and cost reduction track record unparalleled in the industry.   Get a Quote or call us for a conversation of how we can help you at (770) 277-7097.

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