Medical Product Development

From Entrepreneur to Physician to Corporate medical device venture, WhiteLight Design’s industrial design experience with the medical product development process includes meeting and delivering FDA documentation requirements.  These include medical and surgical products, devices or components that may be relied upon, implanted or used in the new highly accurate robotic surgery systems.

Part of our reward, for example is seeing perinatal infants fighting for life with a product used for medication and fluid delivery which we contributed to developing or the Medfusion 3500 – Infusion Syringe Pump. The liabilities of this field require you work with an experienced group like WhiteLight Design that brings diligence, management controls and tracking of documentation and most importantly Industrial Designer insights into the user-product or patient caregiver interface.  This includes face to face – hands on design and research, working with hospital systems, investors, administration, management and purchasing including Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Caregivers and ultimately, end user patients.  We have a record of Product Design successes in the industry.

Our Skunk-works – WhiteLight Medical Prototype team is relied upon to help solve and innovate solutions.

The heartbeats of our services include:

  • Full Confidentiality (NDA)
  • Master’s and Ph.D. level consulting services
  • Knowledge of Materials (FDA Development Process)
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Fully Functional Prototyping

WhiteLight Design’s first major venture project was an award winner for a start-up medical product which was meant to enrich and save lives for diabetics (See above).  Our Syringe Needle Disposal device, a syringe needle management product directed at helping to reduce needle sticks and safer disposal of syringes.  It won a Silver Industrial Design Excellence Award,  followed by our Air Purifying Respirator a Bronze Industrial Design Excellence Award and our Sleep Apnea CPAP Device a Medical Design Excellence award winner.  We are driven to contribute at whatever pulse rate is requested to improve your bottom line.  The aim is rapid response application development to contribute to improving our healthcare system and personal quality of lives or even sustain life itself!

To answer questions, please email or call us (770) 277-7097.   We also offer rapid medical prototype response service for a Design Emergency.

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