Engineering Assessment

The Engineering Assessment is used to qualify materials, manufacturing processes, and long & short-term physical properties. The ability to determine how these specifics will affect the life-cycle of a product is an invaluable one to any investor who wants to know what to expect from a part or product before it is even assembled. The assessment draws on our extensive materials and polymers knowledge and our experience with time-tested manufacturing methods.

What type of material is each part made out of?
Machine Operator and support Assemblers – hourly costs?
How long is the production cycle?
What are the fixed and variable costs?
What should the wholesale price be?

In order to answer these and other questions,  WhiteLight Design conducts many studies and calculations within the Engineering Assessment to deliver a  single, comprehensive document that provides comprehensive knowledge of the creation, use, and (if applicable) disposal of the product that you are about to bring to life.


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