CAM & CNC (Manufacturing )

CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) and CNC (Computer-Numeric Controlled) Machining or Manufacturing use the computer-based CAD and CAE software tools to produce the solid modeling data that assists our Industrial Designers, Engineers, and Machinists in manufacturing or prototyping product components from raw materials.  CAM is machine driven manufacturing using the CAD data  and programming tools that lets the user to direct cutting tools  to do, what is needed, based on a 3D computer file.  The advantage is that where humans are slow and imperfect in constructing products, CAM-controlled machines are fast and create physical parts that are exactly as they are made in the computer. The CAM – CNC Machining and Manufacturing has automated production  to yield to a 24/7 operation, as fast as you can feed the material stock into the machine.

Tools with CNC controllers

* Drills
* EDMs
* Lathes
* Milling machines
* Wood routers
* Sheet metal works
* Wire bending machines
* Hot-wire foam cutters
* Plasma cuttings
* Water jet cutters
* Laser cutting


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