CAE – FEA (Engineering)

WhiteLight Design and its associates have invested in keeping pace with the latest available CAE Computer-Aided Engineering and FEA Finite Element Analysis or predictive analysis software programs and hardware platforms.  CAE is the use of CAD information for supporting engineering related product development tasks. CAE software tools can provide virtual simulation, validation, and optimization of products and manufacturing tooling data . CAE allows you to maximize design confidence, reduce need for expensive prototypes and compress the development cycle time.


CAE areas covered include:
Mechanical Stress analysis on components and assemblies using FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
Thermal and Fluid Flow analysis Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Kinematics; (Motion Analysis)
Mechanical event simulation (MES)
Analysis tools for process simulation for operations such as casting, molding, and die press forming.
Optimization of the product or process, earlier in the development process.

Two primary programs used in CAE are Pro/ENGINEER (referred to as ProE) (, and SolidWorks. Both are standard in the CAD / CAE industry.

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