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The creation of a commercial web site is now a valuable tool for corporate businesses to operate efficiently and effectively. The internet offers a host of communication, sales and advertising opportunities. One can not ignore the potential sales exposure and business opportunities that will accompany the fast hyper-media broadband web services. Does your current site just sit there or does it offer a visual and sound experience that tell your story and creates business sales. Think of Web Design as the creation of a virtual sales person.

A well designed E-COMMERCE site can offer the user instant excitement, feedback and sales opportunities without walls or borders. Your site design should offer the user adequate information and the opportunity to explore the potential and value of your new product or business. We have formed an alliance with some of the top web designers available. Our top web association is with Soundpages.com. Our Web Services include:

-Graphics and Logo Design

-Text Content Conversion or Scripting

-Photo Scanning

-Layout Design

-Real Media, Windows Media, Wav, MP3

-Java Applets, Email forms Processing

-Database searches

-Regular updates and maintenance

-Submission to search engines and meta tags

-Flash sound tracks and animation

-Domain Registration and Web Hosting

-Original artwork design

-Original audio production (ex. narratives from management, a CEO or verbal descriptions of products)

-Original video content for Real Video or Real Audio, or Windows Media

Hosting accounts start range from $20 – $50 per month depending on needs.

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