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WhiteLight Design is a one stop Industrial Design, Product Development Shop.   To begin working with us and get a Quotation to get you drawings or a prototype is very easy!

1. Call us and send us what you’ve got!   If it is just an “IDEA”, write it down including any sketches and send it to us in an email at  For your convenience we have included an electronic EXPEDITE FORM services or information request form. Please fill out the form and it will be Emailed back to us and you will get a response in 1-2 working days.  Please don’t be overwhelmed, we will help you through the process, just call us!  (770) 277-7097

2.  Request a Quotation for Services.  To do this we must qualify what your expectations are and how long it is going to take to do it.   Send us your sketches. All projects are quoted on an individual, per project basis

3.  Any questions, (770) 277-7097   Ask for the President, Willis Whiteside, IDSA

A Representative of WhiteLight Design will be happy to work with you to get you started.  We will quote and deliver all services in writing, with an outlined scope of services and scheduled deliverables, which are specifically tailored to your development needs.  WD continuously invests in – state of the art – computers and software to bring your visions to Light.   If you have a provisional patent, or need a simple line drawing to capture your idea, or you need the full mass produced prototype production Engineering, CAD and Prototyping  then let’s focus the multiple beams into a single product development force.  See also Human Factors.  Based on this is a complimentary service, please allow time to prepare and deliver a written Quotation or Services Agreement

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Mr. Willis Whiteside
Engineering – 3D CAD:  Mr. Vlad Moise
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General Questions:  Ms. Debbie Whiteside
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BUSINESS MENTOR: Guy Birchfield – Delta Airlines – retired

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All projects are quoted on an individual, per project basis.
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