Ionizing Room Air Purifier

PROJECT: C-90A Room Air Purifier
Friedrich Corporation, TX
Work performed by Willis Whiteside while working with Industrial Design Associates, Inc.
Principle Industrial Designers Mr. Doug Alsup & Mr. Bill Saunders

This project work is a pure example of high performance industrial design for a new electro-static electronic ionizing room air purifier which can remove both harmful and irritating airborne particulates. The unit is constructed of a base, top and two sides – blow molded interlocking panels. It uses a four-step process to filter the air of particles, odors and fumes including:


1. PRE-FILTER catches the larger particles,

2. IONIZING ELECTRONIC CELL, billions of microscopic particles become electrically, charged as they pass through

3. COLLECTOR PLATES attract charged particles,

4. Activated CARBON FILTER removes most common odors and fumes.

Friedrich’s C-90A electronic air cleaner received one of the highest Clean Air Delivery Ratings (CADR) in independent laboratory tests! Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR) in independent laboratory tests

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Product Photo courtesy of Friedrich Corp., San Antonio, TX

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