Modular Tile Mat System

CLIENT: Plastics Engineering Labs for Milliken® Carpets, GA

PROJECT: E-Z-Scrub® Modular Tile
Brush-off Carpet Mat System

Plastic Engineering Labs (PEL) was asked to support the engineering and plastics development tooling and manufacturing development of a new, engineered, modular, tiled, anti-fatigue, dirt collecting mat solution. The final solution was a an exercise in ground level thinking and complex matrix molding combined with and M.C. Escher style repeating interlocking geometric features.

The carpet mat system solution is injection molded in a proprietary plastic compound, constructed with molded square tiles consisting of a modular 8″ x8″ square grid with circular depressions and three rectangular glue inset carpet strips. The tiles are all edge interlocked with repeated, male-female dove tail fastening connector features. The desired final tile mat size is then bordered with a molded, beveled edge finish trim with the same interlocking edge fastening system. The straight edge and mitered corner edge trim pieces are then joined with a corresponding 8″ strip connector or 4″ 90 degree, mitered corner connector with small molded fastener pins that link the edge connectors and corner strips to the edge trim and tiles. The result is a size to weight ratio that gives the Client a grip on the competition.

Development Team: Mr. Sam Brockway Ph.D. (deceased 9/2016)
CAD – Mold Tooling Engineer: Mr. Tom Ellis, P.E.
Industrial Designer: Mr. Willis Whiteside, IDSA

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