XtraBlue® Shock Bottle


It’s pool time!  WhiteLight Design worked with the BioLab™ innovation team for the development of a new package, in the competitive and not so easy to open chemical, pool shock treatment package market. Intended for the indoor/outdoor pool and spa environment, poly bags require a sharp edge or scissors to open. The Client inspired package solution, a custom easy open bottle! The design solution included a unique geometry and merchandising format including a stable square platform to round grip transition profile billboard and crowned shoulder, topped off with a color matched safety cap. The human factors considered carrying, easy tilt and controlled pouring of the granulated powder product. The program included sketching, 3D CAD modeling and mock-ups, confirming with the subtle sculpted finger wrap was design on purpose!  With WhiteLight Design playing a very small part, the Client is lighting up the pool world by pouring shock from a easy dispense bottle!
BioLab and Xtra Blue are registered trademarks.

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