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Angry Egg™ is a completely new, chlorine-free, sink-to-float package delivery technology that cleans cloudy swimming pools. The User tosses the Angry Egg in, and it sinks to the pool bottom, displaying a bubbling action, then rises to the surface when finished.  Compatible with all pool sanitation systems, one egg treats up to 15,000 gallons.

This was a fast paced project with the objective to create a cost effective chemical delivery package innovation that brands the product as an exciting and effective solution to clearing up dirty, foggy pool water.  WhiteLight Design provided full industrial design, “Art to Part” to find a balance of merchandising design and functional package performance in the water.  It took the WD and BioLab teams working together weeks of rapid response and creative prototyping to prove the technology and achieve the desired results.  The deliverables included 3D CAD for release to injection mold design.  Mr. Steve Dietz, Brand Director of BioLab’s Pro Dealer Division stated, “Debuting these products is the result of months and months of research and development that our Technology and Innovations team undertook to introduce some truly ‘wow’ new options to our customers and consumers.”

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