Silent Light 2007

















The earth lies Silent, softly shrouded in a blanket of white –

Then a glimmer of color spreads, revealing a Glorious landscape.

The Light filters through as a new day awakens from the slumber of night.

The Cardinal stands watch with his mate over all of his domain –

His attributes of loyalty, devotion and steadfast strength unwavering,

A hinting toward the Gifts of the Season.

The Promise of the Day upon the horizon, will soon bring a bustle of activity –

Families and friends scurrying about, Busy with deeds of love for those much cherished.

And so we remember precious times past – And savor shared moments we

now gratefully enjoy, Looking with Hope to a future that’s Bright

with Fondest Dreams Fulfilled!


Willis & Debbie Whiteside + Team

“We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.” by Franklin Delano Roosevelt Dedicated and in Honor of Nathan C. Birchfield

(The Cardinal) WWII Veteran – Clay County, Alabama
Beloved Brother, Husband, Father, Step Father, Grand (4) & Great Grand Father(6+4) and Mentor 12/6/22 – 12/9/07

Illustrator: Willis  Author: Debbie (Birchfield) Whiteside

The above illustration was produced for and courtesy of Accurate Printers,


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