Mantle Light 2008

In our remembrance — there’s a great wooden mantel, covering and protecting, a frame for the fireplace and hearth beneath displaying our family colors. A companion to the staircase, it stands staunch like a centurion loyal to his post.
The mantel is adorned with treasures old and new, on which we hang our silent hopes and Holiday stockings.

A “mantle” can be a cloak, a covering — for protection or identity. The fireplace with its beautiful “mantel” and hearth is the traditional centerpiece of the home. It is a place of warmth and welcoming to share with family and friends or just to seek solace, to be inspired and dream.

Our memories may vary, but at this time of year, we can all  remember fondly that which we cherish and hold dear.
As we gaze into the flickering flames, let’s be encouraged  and let our imaginations spark to plan and lay out a map for the future.

In this season especially, we know … that all things are possible to those who believe. Even in the darkest winter and challenging times, gratitude fills our hearts. And we remember that the Light is still there and a mantle of Peace that we all can wear.


Willis & Debbie Whiteside + Team

“There are two ways of spreading Light; to be the Candle or the Mirror that reflects it.” By Edith Wharton

Photographer & Illustrator: Willis   Author: Debbie Whiteside

We are very grateful for this time of year and the feeling of being Home. Feel free to explore the virtual creative dimension of It contains a wealth of information, inspiration and strategy for new Dreams to be Formulated, Plans to be Executed and EnLightened Solutions to be Delivered. We extend the antle of Peace and Light from all of us at WhiteLight Design. Have a wonderful Holiday Season!


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