Inspired Light


“The Deadline”, the Oct 8, 1938 edition is our tribute to the everlasting inspiration of Norman Rockwell. Running low on ideas, the young artist elected to do a self portrait, sitting at the blank canvas scratching his head for the creative inspiration to meet the promised illustration deadline.

Notice the lucky upside down horseshoe and clock with the due date lurking above. His tools in disarray on the floor with the paint palette and brushes lying in clumps of wet paint, his inspiration books and sketches are askew underfoot. The maulstick which supports the hand while painting is out of reach beneath the chair, and one wing of his collar is flying away!

When life is in full swing, staying organized and focused in the midst of personal challenges, the daily pressures can seem to mount! Be still… and know that creative individuals are divinely guided with the confidence to deliver, sometimes illustrated wisdom just when needed. We hope this holiday celebration card reminds you that you are Inspired Light for us! Happy Holidays !


Willis & Debbie Whiteside
WhiteLight Design


Art Direction: Debbie Whiteside  Photography: Tom Ellis
COPYRIGHT: WhiteLight Design Inc. 2016 All Rights Reserved

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