SILVER_Syringe Needle Disposal

CLIENT: QCare International, L.L.C., GA

PROJECT: Q103 Personal Diabetic Needle Elimination Device

SILVER AWARD: Industrial Design Excellence Award 1995
sponsored by The Industrial Designers Society of America and Business Week Magazine

SEE ALSO PROJECT: Q104 Healthcare Professional Needle Management Unit

Millions of syringe needles are being disposed of every day. The problem: managing these health hazards to prevent accidental needle sticks and transmission of biohazards.

The solution: elimination of the problem at the source with this handheld, rechargeable needle disposal device. This innovative design gives healthcare and diabetic syringe needle users a convenient, safe alternative to this waste management issue. This was WhiteLight Design’s first official project, based on a royalty contract, the project tested our experience and the award launched the company into seeing stars.

Our third year in business WhiteLight Design, Inc. won two: Design Excellence Awards.

Order Here: QCare International

Photos: Doug Purvis, Purvis Photography

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