HONORABLE Mention_Little Fretty

“Little Fretty”
A new guitar player’s portable,
lightweight 5 fret-board, warm-up exerciser.
Invent Now® America Honorable Mention
Founded by the National Inventors Hall of Fame® and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

PRODUCT VENTURE: WhiteLight Design, Inc.
Fretocizer.com – Little Fretty, GA

“Little Fretty” is patented pocket sized, with a 5 fret / 6 string full size portion of the fret-board / neck of a standard electric or acoustic guitar that fits comfortable in your hand. Pocket sized, he is recommended for musicians of all skill levels and is great for warm up, practice or rehearsal. He doesn’t make any sound so you can jam away without disturbing your neighbors, parents, spouse, friends or fellow musicians, although you may imagine hearing him in your head. He is made of a space age, hard foam type material, engineered to give a 3-Dimensional feel of the guitar neck, frets and strings and gives a pressure resistance to build playing strength and ability.

Keep him with you at all times to help continually develop your finger stretch and help increase the your note, speed, scales or chord playing progressions. It can build your playing hand strength and increase your reach and dexterity while improving circulation, maybe even helping relieve those painful cramps from repetitious note progressions or chording fatigue. He is accompanied with a short instructional referral sheet for getting starting and receiving the maximum benefits of Little Fretty.

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